• All online orders will ship within 2 business days unless we encounter an issue, in which case you will be contacted within those 2 days.
• Orders over 150 lbs in net weight will automatically shipped by pallet. Shipping estimates will be calculated with the best available pallet rate.
• Shipping is free for orders with local shipping addresses (within LA County) that exceed $200.
• We cannot guarantee delivery within the estimated transit time frame, as there may be delays due to unexpected exceptions, unfavorable weather conditions, or seasonal traffic especially during the holidays and near special occasions.

• For online orders, some items may not be shipped without notice if they become out of stock after the order is placed. These items will NOT be placed on back order. Please check back with us again and try re-ordering the item at another time.
• For non-online orders, customers may request for an item that is out of stock to be placed on back order. Please note that such back-ordered items will be shipped out automatically if stock is received within 60 days of the date that the order was placed. If the item is restocked after the 60 days, you will be contacted to confirm release of the back order.
• The customer will be responsible for all freight charges incurred by back order shipments.

◦ Last minutes changes to orders may incur an additional $5-$10 handling fee depending on the point in process at which the change was requested. The additional fee will be charged if and only the customer confirms the charge and authorizes to proceed with the change.
◦ There are NO bulk discounts or special deals per customer. However, there will be occasional sales on certain items throughout the year.

◦ We accept order payments via credit card (AMEX, VISA, MC, DISCOVER, etc.) for all online customers.
◦ For non-online orders, account terms will be credit card as well.

Net 30 & Late Payments
◦ Please contact us at info@koyoshop.com if you would like to apply for NET 30 Terms. You will be required to provide us with your bank and trade references, one active credit card belonging to your upper management or owner, as well as a proper and reliable Accounts Payable contact.
◦ Once you have been granted NET 30 status, you will be responsible to send your payment within 30 days of the invoice date. Please make payments via check or credit card with Net 30 terms. Please update us on your current preferred payment method.
◦ Should the customer fail to make payments within 30 days of the invoice date, a warning statement will be sent and all new orders will be placed on hold until all past due payments are received.
◦ Should the customer fail to make payments after 60 days, a second warning will be sent and the NET 30 terms will be revoked. At this point, the customer will be given 2 more weeks to submit payment before the account is transferred over to collections. If payment is received within the 2 weeks, the customer account will be able to regain their NET 30 terms only after successfully paying on time for the following order. If we do not receive payment within those 2 weeks, the customer will have to reapply for NET 30 terms.

▪ For international orders, please place your order via EMAIL.
▪ The customer is responsible for paying the full freight cost, broker & duty fees, taxes, and any additional related fees that may incur with the shipping process.
▪ Carton shipments will be shipped via USPS. Broker/duty/taxes may be billed directly to the customer at a later date.
▪ Pallet shipments will include all fees as PREPAID on the final KOYO invoice.
▪ Additional handling fees will be charged for orders with a total value over $2,500.